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Intellian v100NX VSAT

Intellian v100NX. All New 1M Ku- Ka- Dual Band GEO/MEO/LEO VSAT Terminal.


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    Intellian’s v100NX is a Future proof Ku- to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT antenna system supporting future 2.5Ghz Ka- Wideband networks with a tuned radome and reflector. The 100NX’s new operation platform enables GEO/MEO/LEO satellite tracking ensuring the antenna is ready for all future networks.

    Key Features:

    • Future Proof GEO/MEO/LEO
      The v100NX is designed with accurate satellite tracking performance with our proven tracking algorithm that covers GEO, MEO, and LEO constellations.
    • Quick Ku- to Ka-band Conversion
      The v100NX can be easily converted from Ku- to Ka-band operation by changing the center-mounted RF assembly.
    • Higher RF Performance
      The system comes standard with an 8W BUC and can be ordered with 16W or 25W BUC (Ku-band), or 5W and 10W BUC (Ka-band) variations.
    • AptusNX
      New integrated management and control software AptusNX provides a responsive web user interface, intelligent antenna diagnosis and reporting for efficient and preventative maintenance.
    • Future Proof System
      Ku-band high power upgradeable
      Ka-band convertible
      GX service upgradeable
      NGSO tracking performance
    • Enhanced AptusNX
      − Installation wizard provides step by step commissioning
      − Accurate and fully automated diagnosis
      − Enhanced remote monitoring and control
      − User friendly dashboard


    • Radome Dimension: 145.8×137.9 cm (54.3×57.4 inch)
    • Reflector Diameter: 105 cm (41.3 inch)
    • Antenna Weight: 113 kg/ 249.1 lbs
    • TX Frequency: 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band
    • RX Frequency: 10.7~12.75GHz Ku-band
    • TX Gain: 42.0 dBi @ 14.25 GHz (excl. radome)
    • RX Gain: 40.7dBi @ 11.7 GHz (excl.radome)
    • G/T: >20.0 dB/K (min.)
    Brochure v100NX Brochure v100NX Ka
    Intellian v100NX VSAT
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