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The 150 Watt NSR NHR-1500 is a reliable MF/HF Radiotelephone for general and distress communications with integrated DSC/DSC Watch Receiver.


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    The NHR-1500 facilitates both general and GMDSS communication, operating as a DSC transceiver and as a DSC Watch Receiver on all distress and safety frequencies in MF and HF bands. An optional NBD-100 NBDP terminal can be connected to the transceiver unit for maritime telex operation and distress message/maritime safety information handling. Moreover, it features a bright, high-contrast 7-inch touch screen colour LCD. Multiple display configurations are available, as well as a Night Mode (white text on black background display) for wheelhouse operation. Instant selection of 256 user-specified channels is provided with a rotary knob or direct keypad input. Quick access to DSC message composition is available by dedicated keys on the control unit.

    The NSR NHR1500 fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships operating in A2+A3+A4 sea areas, as well as ITU recommendation on digital selective calling system for use in the Maritime Mobile Service, ITU-R M.493-13.

    Key Features

    • 150 Watt MF/HF radiotelephone with DSC (Digital Selective Calling) facility
    • Conforming to Class A standard set for MF/HF DSC by ITU and IMO regulation
    • High-contrast 7″ bright colour touch screen LCD
    • Data interface to BAM System/INS
    • LAN network interface
    • Software radio technology
    • Voice digitized
    • Conforms to the regulations of ITU-R M.476-5, ITU-R M.492-6, ITU-R M.493-15, ITU-R M.541-10, IMO M302 (87), IEC 61097-9, IEC 61097-3, IEC 60945, IEC 62923-1, IEC 62923-2
    • Type approval with DNV-GL (MED)
    Brochure MED Approval
    NSR NHR-1500 MF/HF
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