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NSR Marine NVR-9000 (S)VDR

The NSR NVR-9000(S) Voyage data recorder, or (S)VDR, is a data recording system designed for all vessels required to comply with the IMO’s International Convention SOLAS requirements.


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    The NSR NVR-9000 (S)VDR has been designed to comply with the latest IMO regulations MSC.494(104).
    Store data for 48 hours for both Float-free Capsule and Fixed Protective Capsule.
    Store data for 30days / 720 hours in the Data Acquisition Unit.
    Record images of two radars and two ECDIS.

    Key Features:

    Three separate channels for audio input:

    • One for up to 4 indoor microphones
    • One for up to 4 outdoor microphones
    • One for 2 VHF audio

    As a standard configuration, the below ports are provided:

    • Serial port x 24 ch (8ch at DAU and 16 ch at DEU)
    • Digital port x 64 ch (DEU)
    • Analog port x 8 ch (DEU)

    PC software and Phone APP are available for playback and realtime monitoring

    CCS type approval

    DNV-GL type approval

    RS type approval.

    VR type approval

    Brochure NVR-9000 MED Approval NVR-9000 Brochure NVR-9000S MED Approval NVR-9000S
    NSR Marine NVR-9000 (S)VDR
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