NSR Marine NVR-9000 (S)VDR

NSR Marine NBW-1000 BNWAS

The NSR NBW-1000 BNWAS monitors the watch officer’s presence through watch safety system functions.


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    In addition to being fully compliant and competitively priced, the NSR NBW-1000 offers an easy to install design. The external processor is perfectly sized, providing ample space to easily connect and secure all cables, yet small enough to install in a convenient, accessible location. The NSR NBW-1000 design is highly desired over other BNWAS hardware configurations, which require connection of power, sensor, battery, and other control cables directly to the display unit.

    A watch officer is required to press the button on a Timer Reset Panel or to operate navigation equipment (i.e.: ECDIS, Radar, etc.) at certain preset intervals. If the officer fails to press the button, operate connected equipment or trigger optional motion sensors within preset intervals, visual and audible alarms will be generated in the wheelhouse. If the officer doesn’t respond to the alarm, the NSR NBW-1000 transfers the alarm to the Cabin Panels installed in other sections of the vessel in order to inform backup officers of the watch officer’s incapacity. BNWAS is a required equipment for all IMO vessels, mandated by regulation MSC.128(75). The July 2012 was the primary fitting date for most vessels (existing passenger vessels and existing cargo vessels of 3000+ GT).

    Key Features:

    • Conforms to the latest rules, including IMO MSC 128 (75), IMO MSC302 (87), IEC62616, IEC 62923-1, IEC 62923-2
    • 7-inch color LCD used in control unit
    • Automatically record ON/OFF and mode change history
    • Pre-stored tones selectable for alarm
    • Password used to set operation mode and dormant time
    • 2nd alarm units can be selected separately
    • Test function and emergency call available
    • Port for BAM/INS connection
    • DNV-GL type approval
    Brochure MED Approval
    NSR Marine NBW-1000 BNWAS
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