Koden MDC-5200 Radar
NSR NSI-1000 AIS Class A

NSR Marine NTW-1000 Portable VHF GMDSS

The NSR Marine NTW-1000 TWO-WAY GMDSS VHF transceiver is wheelmark / MED approved and fulfills the GMDSS requirements for portable VHF radio for safety at Sea


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    As part of the required GMDSS equipment, the NSR NTW-1000 is to be used in an emergency situation. However the NTW-1000 is designed for the daily communication on board. The two batteries concept makes the NTW-1000 suited for both daily use and emergency situations. The primary emergency battery is to be stored for emergency situations and a secondary rechargeable battery can be used for daily communication in your  portable VHF transceiver.

    Key Features:

    • Affordable, rugged construction, waterproof (IP67)
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Easy operation, even for unskilled personnel
    • Full marine-use VHF channels
    • Quick access to CH16 key
    • Designed to meet GMDSS requirements related with performance standards for survival craft two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus, such as IMO M.149(77) and IEC 61097-12
    Brochure MED Approval
    NSR Marine NTW-1000 Portable VHF GMDSS
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