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The SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB is the first beacon in the market that meets the new global requirement to include AIS signals in EPIRBs deployed in SOLAS vessels from 2022.


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    The McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS is the world’s first EPIRBs to include 406MHz, 121.5MHz, AIS and GNSS (better known as GPS) to accelerate search and rescue. The unique power of these new award winning beacons is in the flexibility and additional tracking capabilities long demanded by maritime customers. This will further reduce rescue times by combining the global location power of 406MHz with the localized rescue capacities of AIS, first introduced to the world in McMurdo’s AIS MOB range.

    Life Saving Innovation

    • The world’s first EPIRB to include localised alert and recovery via AIS.
    • Unique location detection with the world’s first EPIRB to combine the GNSS coverage of GPS and the precision location of Galileo.
    • Combining the benefits of multiple life saving products in one beacon.

    Futureproof Your Safety

    The innovative SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB is designed to accelerate rescue and manufactured to meet the latest international mandates. The world’s first AIS EPIRB, the multi award winning G8 AIS, is the only beacon that meets SOLAS 2022 AIS requirements.

    Key Features

    • Built in AIS
    • Multi GNSS including Galileo
    • Accidental activation protection
    • Rugged construction optimised for commercial environments
    • Hands free carry strap
    • 360-degree strobe
    • Comes with safety bracket
    • 10-year battery life
    • Sealed Electronic Unit
    • Sealed Battery Unit
    • Manual/Auto release options

    EPIRB Activation

    −Automatic Activation EPIRBs

    The unit is in cased in a Auto-house containing a Hydrostatic Release Unit which activates when the vessel is submerged, releasing the water activated EPIRB. Typically the Auto EPIRB is thought of as the vessel’s emergency beacon.

    • Float Free Bracket.
    • Can fit into existing mounting holes from previous Auto Housing bracket.
    • Magnet deactivates sea contacts when in bracket.


    FAQ-New IMO EPIRB Legislation 2022 Brochure MED Approval
    McMURDO SmartFind G8 AIS Auto EPIRB
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