KODEN CVR-010 Echo Sounder
McMurdo SmartFind M5 AIS Class-A Transponder

KODEN KRD-10 Remote Display

The new Koden KRD-10 NMEA Data display features a simple and intuitive graphical user interface and display.


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Screen display includes:

Navigation, Steering, Highway, Plotter, Compass, Turnaround, Wind Direction, Water Temp, Rudder Angle, Distance Info, General, Tide Current, Weather Info & Water Temp.

Key Features

  • Bright 4.3- inch Color LCD Display

4.3- inch Color LCD Display provides larger letters and a variety of colors for high visibility even under bright sunlight.

  • System capable of displaying wide range of NMEA Information.

KRD-10 can be displayed of NMEA informations of GPS Compass, Weather Station, Wind Anemometer, Rudder and much more.

  • Quick access Numeric Panel

Numeric keypad helps quicker and easier operation.

  • Up to 4 ports available with connecting optional junction box

KRD-10 has 2 ports of NMEA0183. When JB-35 is connected, 2 ports are added as selection items.

  • 19 display modes available to choose from

The following display mode can be selected: Navdata, Navigation Graph, Highway, Plotter, Compass, ROT, Rudder angle, Distance info, General, Weather info, Custom info and much more.

  • Switchable between day mode and night mode

It increases visibility by switching between day mode and night mode.