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McMurdo SmartFind M5 AIS Class A

Smartfind M5 AIS Class A Transponder is a flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective marine safety product incorporating MOB alerting. It gives mariners the ability to view at a glance the AIS status of vessels all around them and provides access to a host of detailed navigation information.


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    The McMurdo SmartFind M5 AIS Class A Transponder is packed with powerful features. It is the first to include an AIS MOB and AIS SART alarm function, with a Steer To Rescue MOB display enabling you to quickly and easily navigate to the location of the MOB. As well as the traditional “radar style” display and AIS target list views, the SmartFind M5 also features an embedded coastline map which accurately plots the AIS equipped vessels on a chart overview display – without the need to connect to an external plotter.

    Designed to operate as a stand alone unit, the McMurdo SmartFind M5 AIS Class A Transponder can also be integrated with ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display), ECS (Electronic Chart System) or chartplotters via its NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and USB interfaces. It can also be interfaced with a PC system using the PC AIS Viewer software supplied with the unit.

    Key Features

    • Compact, low cost solution
    • Meets EU Fishing Mandate requirements for Class A shipborne AIS transponders
    • 3.5” colour LCD display including embedded coastline map
    • Target list and radar overview displays
    • Unique AIS MOB and AIS alarm function
    • Optimised for use with McMurdo S10 and S20 personal AIS beacons
    • “Buddy List” of crew AIS Beacon IDs allows easy identification of crewmember in distress
    • NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and USB interface to ECDIS, ECS and chartplotting systems
    • Includes GPS antenna
    • Optional remote MOB/Alarm sounder
    McMurdo SmartFind M5 AIS Class A
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