Intellian i5/i5P SAT TV
Intellian t100W/t100Q SAT TV

Intellian t80W/t80Q SAT TV

Intellian t80W/t80Q are 85cm (34 inch) Reflectors Ku-band Global Satellite TV Systems.


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The t80W provides outstanding performance in an 85cm reflector with the added benefits of Intellian proprietary WorldView Technology. This system receives SD or HD programming from any Ku-band satellite TV service around the globe without requiring LNB changes or re-wiring of the system when the vessel travels from one region to another.The t80Q comes with an Universal Quad LNB optimized for the European region.

Key Features

  • WorldView Capable 
    WorldView LNB for global operation with any satellite TV provider.
  • Option model for European Market 
    Q version with Universal Quad LNB provides higher optimized LNB gain for the European region.
  • Quattro Switching Module Pre-installed 
    Embedded Quattro Switching Module, which intelligently distributes different tone signals to the correct ports on any legacy multi switches installed throughout the ship.
  • Easy Configuration
    The t80W/t80Q includes a built-in GPS inside of the antenna unit for faster signal acquisition and can interface with onboard heading sensors using the NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 ports. Automatic acquisition of the correct satellite with the inbuilt Global Satellite library for simple setup and easy regional switching.
  • Unrivaled Satellite Performance at Sea 
    The Wide Range Search (WRS) Algorithm delivers the fastest signal acquisition.
    High speed 3-axis stabilization platform ensures signal lock at high speeds and in rough seas.
    Simplicity of design, no external compass or rate sensors required.
  • Fully Integrated Solution 
    With its Wi-Fi enabled ACU, users can connect wirelessly to the antenna using Aptus PC.
    Aptus offers users instant diagnostics, performance logging functions, and one touch updates of firmware and the satellite library.


  • Radome Dimension: 113 cm x 121 cm (44.5″ x 47.5″)
  • Reflector Diameter: 85cm (33.5″)
  • Antenna Weight: 82.2 kg (181.2 Ibs)
  • Min EIRP: 44 dBW
  • Elevation Range: -15˚ to +120˚
  • Polorization: t80W: Linear and Circular t80Q: Linear
  • Auto Skew: Yes
  • WorldView Capable: t80W
Brochure t80W Brochure t80Q