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NetWave Upgraded NW6000 VDR System

The Netwave’s NW6000 VDR system with mid-life refresh is now available. As part of the re-certification program, Netwave’s Netherlands based engineering team have used service engineer feedback to identify upgrades and new features that improve both the user experience and ease of installation through greater versatility in the design.


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    Netwave’s NW6000 VDR system has had a mid-life refresh to improve both user experience and ease of installation.

    Designed and manufactured in the EU and supporting a global fleet of over 6000 vessels, the Seas Of Solutions’ Netwave brand has been a global leader in the provision of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) for over a decade. With a reputation for innovation, design diversity and a focus on quality, a diverse range of customers deploy Netwave technology.

    Military, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, Commercial Marine and Cruise Ships customers are confident in its proven ease of installation, multiple IMO certifications including the Wheelmark and its unparalleled global support network; made up of approximately 320 Service Centres and 1300 engineers.

    Five Reasons Why Fleet Managers Install Netwave Brand VDRs:

    The Netwave NW6000 Series is one of the world’s most popular VDR solutions, allowing fleet managers the flexibility and confidence to install technology with their requirements in mind.  The top five reasons our customers highlight for picking Netwave are:

    Design Versatility

    − Single ethernet cable system architecture significantly reduces cabling requirement, while extensive Power by Ethernet (PoE) capability is designed to reduce installation time
    − Flexible, scalable installation design makes the NW6000 Series particularly attractive for VDR / (S)VDR retrofits
    − Proven solid state memory architecture minimises ongoing maintenance and support costs
    − Unique stainless steel Fixed Capsule housing offers a resilient design to protect vital recorders

    Brand Quality

    − Netwave brands globally recognised quality, IS09001, AS9100 and MED Module D certificates and IMO required certifications including Wheelmark, Russian Register, and China Class
    − Extendable warranty options available

    Competitive Solution

    Competitive price includes fitting kit and first APT, with multi-day auto archiving included as standard. The versatility of the NW6000 Series minimizes installation and maintenance costs, particular for retrofits, and comes with a brand reputation and service support you can trust

    Maritime Heritage

    − The Netwave brand has been designing and manufacturing VDRs in Europe for over 15 years, with over a decade of experience in the design and manufacture of its’ fixed capsule recording media, which is also widely used in OEM
    − Over 6000 vessels currently trust their mandated VDR / SVDR requirements to Netwave, including Cruise ships, Ferries, Commercial vessels, Coast Guard and Workboats

    Service Network

    − 160 service centre ports on major shipping routes supported by approximately 1300 service engineers, Seas Of Solutions offers unparalleled support infrastructure.

    Brochure Six-Reasons-To-Install-NW6000 MED Approval
    NetWave Upgraded NW6000 VDR System
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